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How we are improving our business during this recession

I knew the economy was bad when one of our clients called us about one year ago to say that his business was closing.  This was sad news and a personal harbinger of the looming economic recession. I encouraged him to keep his website going and he did. Hopefully he can revive his business eventually.

We decided to ride out this recession and use any available time to improve our business. We set several realistic goals that we could implement relatively quickly:

  1. Become more cost-effective, especially by lowering our dedicated web hosting server expenses.
  2. Keep down the costs to our clients and keep our prices very competitive.
  3. Improve the quality of our products and services.
  4. Deepen our technological expertise and code libraries.
  5. Launch a brand new version of our website, including a new design and improved content with an integrated WordPress blog.

At the same time we always prioritize producing high-quality and timely results for our current client projects. We needed to work very hard to meet our project demands while allocating time to also restructure our business to be more competitive moving forward.

We have successfully completed our goals. Of course, we always engage in continuous quality improvement, but these were specific benchmarks for us to attain. Now comes the fun part: leveraging these achievements to bring in more clients through new marketing efforts.

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