Cost-effective technology solutions for a fast-changing world

Database Systems

We have extensive experience creating database applications customized for specific businesses. CFA will work with you to understand your data needs and produce a database system to process your information more effectively.

  • User-friendly interface - customized windows for easy data entry, retrieval, and management.
  • Relational database system - enables you to easily manage your data.
  • Modular approach - continue to build new features as needed.
  • Reporting systems - based on your business requirements.
  • Microsoft Office Automation - automatically produce Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint charts/graphs.
  • Web Tools - integrate specific data with your website.
  • Front End: .Net, Visual Basic (VB), MS Access, Macromedia Flash, and MS Office
  • Back End: Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, ODBC, MS Access, ISAM, Excel.

Business Solutions
Our programmers develop powerful and user-friendly database systems to make your business more productive.
  • Cost-effective solutions to help your office manage information.
  • Easy-to-use, powerful, and reliable systems.
  • Customized for your business.
  • Sales Orders, Marketing data, Human Resources, Industrial, Billing, Medical, Contacts, statistics.

If your office or business relies heavily on Excel spreadsheets, please consider upgrading to database solutions instead.

See the screenshot below. This demonstrates how data information is inter-related. One sales order may include multiple items. A well designed user-interface enables you to see the relational data and provides you with functions to quickly look up information, print reports, manage your information, and see relationships.